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Oxlife Independence Portable Oxygen Concentrator System by O2 Concepts

  • $2,295.00

The Oxlife Independence® portable oxygen concentrator gives you the best of both worlds with a pulse dose for longer battery life and up to 3 LPM continuous flow—the highest continuous flow of oxygen available in a portable oxygen concentrator. 

We include 2 rechargeable lithium ion batteries with each purchase for the price of one battery!

Oxlife owners especially love the built-in cart with 6 inch wheels for exceptional maneuverability. We sell this system with two batteries (for the price of a system with one battery!) and the two-battery configuration allows you to swap batteries while the concentrator is running. Finally, Oxlife’s DNA Technology makes it the world’s first Smart POC and allows your providers to connect with your machine to make sure it’s running correctly and troubleshoot any problem that may arise without you having to bring your POC in for maintenance.

 Extremely durable, portable and full of options, Oxlife Independence comes ready for 24/7 use fulfilling all your portable and stationary oxygen needs. 

OxLife Specs:

Size, Weight

  • Single Battery: (H) 20.2" x (W) 10.9" x (D) 8"; 18 lbs. / 8.16kg.
  • Double Battery: (H) 20.2” x (W) 10.9” x (D) 8”; 19.4 lbs. / 8.8 kg.

Oxygen Flow

  • Pulse Dose Settings: 0.5-6.0
  • Continuous Flow Settings: 0.5-3.0


  • AC Power Supply: 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz (auto-sensing to allow worldwide use)
  • DC Power Cable for mobile use in car

Battery (Purchase includes 2 batteries)

  • Single Battery: Up to 2.75 hours, pulse dose and 1.25 hours continuous. Recharge up to 3 hours with AC or DC power.
  • Double Battery:
 Up to 5 .75 hours in pulse dose mode and 2.5 hours continuous. Recharge up to 5 hours with AC or DC power.

Noise Level

  • 40 Decibels (at flow setting 2)


  • 5 year limited warranty on the concentrator
  • 90 day- 1 year limited warranty on the battery and accessories

Purchase Includes

  • Concentrator, two batteries, carry case with built-in wheels, AC (wall) and DC (car) power cords, user manual

Additional Accessories

  • Extra batteries, external battery charger, replacement filters, replacement column pair, humidifier kit