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Oxlife Independence Inlet Air Filter (pack of 6)

Oxlife Independence Inlet Air Filter (pack of 6)

  • $12.00

This package contains 6 Inlet Air Filters for the Oxlife Independence Portable Oxygen Concentrator.

Routine cleaning of the air inlet filter is the only routine maintenance you will need to perform on your Oxlife Independence. O2 Concepts, the Oxlife Independence manufacturer, recommends cleaning the Air Inlet Filter weekly (or more often if used in a dusty environment) to keep your machine working properly. Never use your Oxlife Independence without an Air Inlet Filter.

The following instructions to clean your Air Inlet Filter are found in the User Manual that came with your Oxlife Independence:

1. Remove the Air Inlet Filter

2. Wash the filter by running under warm tap water using a mild detergent.

3. Rinse thoroughly under warm, running water.

4. Squeeze out excess water.

5. It is important to allow the filter to dry completely before reinserting into the device. Moisture from a wet or damp Air Inlet Filter may damage your device. You may want to keep an extra Air Inlet Filter to use as a replacement while one is drying. Contact your authorized dealer for extra Air Inlet Filters.