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EverFlo with OPI & EverFlo Q with OPI

  • $795.00

EverFlo Q

The EverFlo and EverFlo Q Oxygen Concentrators offer more with less. A lightweight, compact, energy efficient design features all the reliability you need plus the features you want standard such as the Oxygen Purity Indicator (OPI) and Humidifier Connector Tube.

The EverFlo and EverFlo Q consume less oxygen and generate less heat than bulkier, less efficient concentrators. We include the Oxygen Purity Indicator (OPI) with every concentrator we sell. While OPI is often a $100 or more optional item, we believe it’s important to include because it measures oxygen purity as a percentage of oxygen output and will provide notice if oxygen levels are not achieving acceptable purity levels, giving you the peace of mind that your concentrator is working properly. In addition, audible alarms provide adequate assurance that your concentrator is working properly.

EverFlo concentrators are built to last for many years of uninterrupted use. The metal cannula is durable and less likely to break than its plastic counterparts. Easy to maintain, you won’t have to change the intake filters for two years.

The EverFlo was thoughtfully designed with you in mind. Recessed flow meters reduce the likelihood of accidental breakage. Easy-to-use velcro fasteners are designed to work with multiple types of humidifier bottles. A molded handle and wheels make the EverFlo easy to transport around your home or with you for a weekend away. An internal compartment conveniently holds spare tubing so it’s ready whenever you need it.

With two options, you can choose from the more budget-friendly EverFlo concentrator or the quieter EverFlo Q concentrator. Either way, you are getting a robust, reliable oxygen concentrator.

EverFlo & EverFlo Q Specs:

Size, Weight

  • (H) 23” x (W) 15” x (D) 9.5”
  • 31 lbs. / 14 kg.

Oxygen flow

  • Continuous flow, five settings from 0.5-5 LPM

Power Consumption

  • Consumes 350W on flow setting of 2

Sound Level

  • EverFlo: 43 decibels (at flow setting of 2)
  • EverFlo Q: 40 decibels (at flow setting of 2)

Concentrator Warranty

  • 3 year limited warranty on the concentrator

Purchase Includes

  • Concentrator, AC power cords, User Manual, Oxygen Percentage Indicator (OPI), Humidifier Connecting Tubing and Humidifier Holder

Optional Accessories

  • Humidifier Bottle, Replacement Filters