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Spring has Sprung Pollen Season Into High Gear!

Posted by Shannon Falkson on

It’s spring! Those of us in northern climates (we’re in the Northeast) are thrilled to replace snow with rain and celebrating the return of birdsong, longer days and leaves on the trees. If you’re an allergy sufferer, however, your excitement may be met with boxes of tissues, extra medication to manage and daily checks on the pollen report. If you’re an allergy sufferer and use supplemental oxygen therapy, there are specific considerations for you:

  • Check your filters. Oxygen concentrators (stationary and portable) come with washable filters—washing your filters more regularly and replacing them if needed will keep you breathing the cleanest air possible.
  • Change your cannula. Manufacturers recommend replacing your cannula every 2 weeks. If you find yours getting extra grimy due to congestion, treat yourself to a new one—your nasal passages and your lungs will thank you.
  • Do Some Spring Cleaning. It’s a great time to do some deep cleaning to rid your home of any pollen and dust which exacerbate allergies as well as daily cleaning to rid yourself of any pollen you may be bringing into your home! Wiping off shoes, hair and pets will keep pollen outside where it belongs.

Getting outside and enjoying nature on a beautiful day is one of life’s greatest pleasures. With a few simple precautions, pollen counts won’t keep you down for long! We wish you a happy, healthy spring season.

Yours in Health,

The Oxygen Shoppe Team


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