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Why Purchase an Oxygen Concentrator?

Recent innovations in oxygen concentrators give oxygen users freedom and choices never before possible. Portable oxygen concentrators allow you to cut the 25' cord that tethers you to your home and get out to do all the things you want and deserve to do, including flying with your own concentrator. Stationary oxygen concentrators are smaller, quieter and more affordable than ever before. Whether you want to travel around the world, visit grandchildren, or go RVing, owning your own oxygen concentrator puts you back in control of your life and your choices. 

Why shoppe with the Oxygen Shoppe? 

OUR MISSION IS GOLDEN and our experienced team will treat you like you're family. We have serviced thousands of oxygen users in the past 35 years and we are passionate about helping you find the product that best matches your clinical needs, lifestyle and budget.

WE HAVE A DREAM to help you find freedom at last from tanks, deliveries and expensive oxygen equipment. Unlike other stores, we only offer a small selection of the best products on the market at the best prices, guaranteed. 

YOUR SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED with our unrivaled 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee and Price Match Guarantee. 

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